Thankful Thursday #3: University

So if you’ve read this blog before, or you know me, you’ll be aware that I go to uni. In fact, I am studying Education at Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia. You’ll also be aware that I spend a lot of time deep in angst over disorganisation, too many assignments, readings coming out of my ears and other students that I can’t stand. The thing is, I’m actually really lucky to be able to study, and let me tell you some reasons why. Continue reading



Today, I should be studying for my next exam on Monday.
Today, I should be cleaning the house.
Today, I should be catching up with friends I haven’t seen in forever.

Today I am sick.

It started on Tuesday afternoon, this pain the pit of my abdomen.
It hasn’t left.

So today, I am lying in bed.
I am drinking fluids. Eating bland food. Drinking more fluids. Sleeping. Repeating.
I’m not seriously ill, but clearly my body needs a rest.
So I will respect it, and give it what it needs.

The studying can wait.

All That Has Happened

Why hello there!

Yes, it’s been a little while since I posted any new content from me (though this post from the gorgeous Rebekah is well worth a read!). I’ve been busy. Super busy. Lots of fun stuff has happened, and lots of hard stuff too.
So, to start:

Super-Happy-Fun-Rainbow Twitter Girl Awesome Day
I’m friends with some pretty lovely girls on twitter, but before July 21st, I’d only ever met one of them in real life (well, too, but Cupcake & I didn’t realise we were standing next to each other until we both left the pet store in Chatswood…) Anyway, we organised to drive up to Newcastle – one of the girls is a single mum with two young boys & lives up there – and we had a blast! We ate Jaffa Cupcakes, talked (very loudly!), visited a lingerie store (oh yes), talked some more, got a little lost driving around Newcastle, ate delicious lunch, got locked out of the house, took funny photos, painted our nails & generally had an awesome day!

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Starting Uni – for the second time
I have started uni (again!). This time around, I’m doing a B.Education (Early Childhood) (Birth to 12 years).  It’s a very long title for a course! I have managed to a) not get lost in the massive new campus I’m at and b) finish all my week 1 readings. I still haven’t finished listening to all my lectures (eek!) but I’ll get there hopefully. I’m doing a maths subject this semester, which is horrible. I can’t remember stuff I learnt in year 6 & 7! Gah. I’ll get through, though. Hopefully I’ll get all my assignments in on time, too!

Hospital & Homelessness
On a final, and slightly more depressing note…Matt is actually being kicked out of his youth service. I’m horrified at the behaviour they’ve shown – he’s only been out of hospital for two weeks, and most of that time he’s been going back every day as a day patient or out patient, so he’s hardly had enough time or energy to show the improvement they were looking for! And what about offering some extra support huh? Instead of just getting angrier and angrier at him GAH! So while he was doing really well in hospital (and for the first week out), he’s now crashed. Hard. We have to find him a new place to live – hopefully somewhere near Chatswood. I don’t think him moving back in with his family is a good idea…but I don’t really see any other option in the immediate future. Le sigh.

Hope you’re all doing well!
With love, S 🙂