A Letter To The One I love

Dear darling Matthew,

I’ll start off by saying…you are not perfect. I know, ย its a weird way to start a love letter. I think it’s important to state it though because so often I find it easy to just focus on the (many) brilliant things you do and forget about the things that annoy me.

Congratulations for making it to 21 ๐Ÿ™‚ You’re now legally an adult everywhere in the world.ย I love the fact that you are still able to find the child inside you – playing with bubbles, nerf guns and generally being silly! You are so often a shining light in my world full of stress, and you are constantly reminding me to take care of myself. You have this rather wonderful ability to make me feel incredibly special and beautiful and loved, and I hope I am able to return this…because you, sweetheart, deserveย so much to be loved.

I know getting to this point in your life has not been easy for you, especially over the last few months. I know that your mind has been battling against you, that often you feel worthless and unloved andย unlovable – and that is so not the case. Because as much as you annoy me sometimes, as much as we fail to understand each other, as much as this whole recovery thing is difficult….I still love you! I always will. I love your big squishy hugs, your cheeky smile and the humming thing you do when you’re happy. And so, I really look forward to marrying you (when we’re both ready) and being able to love the man who taught me to love, for the rest of my life.


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