Thankful Thursday #7: Bible Teaching

So I’m hoping this is something that all of you already know: I am a Christian!
I go to an Anglican Church in Western Sydney (where I also attend bible study) and I’m a regular at public Christian Union meetings at my university. My faith plays is the basis of my life – God, by his Holy Spirit and through the Bible, helps me to understand the best choices for my life. The thing is, the bible can be kind of complicated to understand. It was written in different languages long ago, and there are some words and phrases that we can’t translate very well into English. There are topics and concepts and values that seem strange (or confronting) to a young woman in the 21st Century western world. All these things make me very thankful that I have access to great quality bible teaching!  Continue reading


Thankful Thursday #6: Family

If you know me at all well, you know that my family has a big influence on my life. I have a relatively small immediate family – mum, dad, sister – but a really BIG extended family (my dad has about 100 FIRST cousins!). Family is important to me. And yet, if you follow me on social media, you’ll also notice that I’m not always kind to family. I complain about them far too often and I think sometimes I forgot what wonderful people I’m related to. This is not to say that my family is perfect – far from it – but I wanted to write this post to be a public celebration of three people  I am thankful for in my family 🙂 Continue reading

Thankful Thursday #5: Democracy

I started this weekly series because I found myself grumbling about things in my life all the time and forgetting that I actually have a whole heap to be thankful for. This week, I’m taking a look at what I have to be thankful for in our system of government. It’s highly topical of course – Australia is in the middle of a Federal Election Campaign.  To be honest, I’m not very into it this year. There seems very little in the way of policy discussion, and the two major parties (ALP & LNP) seem to be becoming very close ideologically. I live in a incredibly safe Liberal seat, which has only been held by the ALP for four, non-consecutive years since our electorate was declared in 1947. The thing is, though, I could by living in Egypt or Iran, or North Korea. So, I actually have A LOT to be thankful for… Continue reading

Thankful Thursday #4: Mental Healthcare

Firstly, I realise that I’m a day late with thankful thursday this week.
I’ve been sick, and uni is in full swing and…I forgot. Oops!

This weeks topic is close to my heart, and it’s also something that matters to a lot of people I know: Mental Healthcare. One of my favourite blogging sites, Kiki & Tea, regularly publishes articles that relate to mental health and mental illness. In fact, this week they published two pieces, which you can find here and here, that deal with the two different sides of the same coin.

So why mental healthcare?
I’m glad you asked the question! Continue reading

Thankful Thursday #3: University

So if you’ve read this blog before, or you know me, you’ll be aware that I go to uni. In fact, I am studying Education at Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia. You’ll also be aware that I spend a lot of time deep in angst over disorganisation, too many assignments, readings coming out of my ears and other students that I can’t stand. The thing is, I’m actually really lucky to be able to study, and let me tell you some reasons why. Continue reading

Thankful Thursday #2: Young Adult novels

I have a confession: I have been reading the same ‘genre’ of books for the past  ten years.
Oh yes.
Since I was about 13, I have devoured Young Adult Novel after Young Adult Novel.
And I love them! Continue reading

Thankful Thursday #1: Friendship

So lately my life has kind of…sucked. Or more to the point, I’ve only been focusing in on the sucky things. So in an effort to a) get back into blogging and b) change my outlook, I present to you Thankful Thursdays.

How it’ll work is simple: each week, I’m going to choose something I’m thankful for, and write about it.
Sometimes, it’ll be faith-based – as a Christian, I believe all good things come from God!
Other times, it’ll be less profound – for example, I’m thankful that caffeine exists and as the new uni semester starts, I’m sure I’ll write about it…
I want to encourage you to add your comments about what you’re thankful for each week 🙂

Continue reading