…and I’m back in the game

Hello there, bloggy readers!

So it would appear that I’m back to blogging. I didn’t last very long away from this very public confessional. Some of the trolls on my old blog would tell me it’s because I’m an attention whore, because I need everything to revolve around me. It’s probably at least partly true. But the main reason I’ve started this up again is that I’ve got a story to tell. It may not be the most interesting, the funniest or the most shocking, but it is mine and IΒ want to tell it! And I’m assuming that if you are reading this, then youΒ want to hear my story.

I don’t know exactly what I’ll put here. Maybe I’ll share my “Domestic Goddess in Training” moments. Maybe I’ll post about therapy. Maybe I’ll start taking photos again.

I will be “confessing” things. I will be putting forth my opinions to the world (as significant or insignificant as they may be). I will be telling my story as it unfolds.

Look forward to having you with me,

Sonja πŸ™‚