Healthy Body, Healthy Mind: Part 8

Well, I’m officially a third of the way through the program! It doesn’t feel like I’ve been doing this for four weeks yet (how quickly a month goes!) and I think I’m going to be sad when it’s over. I like working with my girls. I like challenging myself. I like being to able see improvement in my capability (each session we record weight  / reps / speed etc).

This week has been a bit of a struggle, again. On Wednesday morning, I woke up and I just felt…blah. I thought about not going in for my session. Same thing on Friday. Other girls in my group had missed sessions, and I thought ‘what can one hurt, right?’. And then I saw the contract I made at the start of all this. I had committed to training 3 times a week. One of the ways my depression manifests itself is that I stop turning up to things – even things that are important and non-negotiable. So both days I pushed myself to get up and go and I’m so glad I did because I felt great at the end of each session!

My body is complaining a bit. This week was the first week I’d done FIVE days of exercise activity –  I guess I should have anticipated it. My knees had a dull ache in them on Wednesday, which turned into sharp pain during Body Balance on Thursday. I told Alex on Friday, and she showed me some modified activities and suggested a do less weight / less repetition on my legs.  It’s important to listen to my body, to give it a rest when it needs it, to ease up a bit when it’s all too much. The same goes for my brain, too – it’s good to challenge myself (like I did this week) but it’s important to know when too much is too much and pull back a bit.

So, how are you feeling?
I’m pretty positive this week – despite the ‘blah’ on Wednesday and Friday. My Sherlock special edition DVD finally arrived, I got some pretty good final marks for all my subjects this semester (which actually reflect the effort I put in) and all my housemates have gone home for the holidays!  I’m feeling strong. I know I can do things – hard things even – and succeed!


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