Healthy Body, Healthy Mind: Part 7

This week has been crazy busy (as I thought it would be), which is why this update is coming to you two days late. Oops.

What have I been doing this week, I hear you ask? Well, I’ve traveled to Sydney 3 times! Last Saturday to celebrate my grandmother’s birthday; on Wednesday to go to a preview of The Imitation Game (which you should all go and see when it comes out in January); and on Friday to see Danny Boyle’s Frankenstein (which is also amazing). I got to hang out with lovely friends and eat great food and see my sister’s finished house!

So, onto PT for this week…I enjoyed it a lot more than last week – maybe it was the change in activities? I’ve gone up weights in leg press and bench press, and I’m hitting higher repetitions in all my other resistance exercises. I’m fairly terrified of back extensions. As you can see from the picture below, it involves standing at an angle and then bending from the hips. Yeah, my fear of falling is not ok with this! But I do it. And I feel accomplished when I finish it!

I DO NOT bend this far!

What else…OH! I can hold a modified plank for 30 secs, which is pretty good for this girl with no core muscle to speak of.  We also got fitted with heart rate monitors this week, which are linked to an iPad app. It’s a cool visual representation of how hard my body is working!

The most surprising thing, though, is how much I’m enjoying cardio! I hate walking places. It hurts. I get out of breath. Stick me on a treadmill, with my training partners next to me and instant feedback in terms of heart rate and I like it. I like challenging myself with pace and incline. I like singing during my rest phase (and attempting to during my work phase). It’s quite strange.

This week’s plan is to try to go to the gym Mon-Fri (Mon, Wed, Fri = Group Traning; Tues, Thurs = Class) and to try and increase my daily steps. We’ll see how it goes.

So…how are you feeling?
I’ve been feeling pretty good most of this week, actually. It might have something to do with getting out to see people. My sleep is still all over the place. Some days it’s 12+ hours, some days it’s less than 6. I’m a lot less anxious about next year, now that I have uni and centrelink and accommodation sorted out. I think I’m getting less depressed – I’m certainly feeling more than I was even a month ago. I’m excited, because at the end of this week coming, I have my first reward (I’m going for a massage!)


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