Healthy Body, Healthy Mind: Part 5


I’m actually quite a bit better than not dead. I mean, this week has by no means been easy – it has been hard work to make myself go to training every second day, even though I like my trainer and the two girls I train with (hey there Heather & Jess!). Wednesday (second training day) and Thursday have probably been my hardest days this week. My arms were in acute pain on Tuesday / Wednesday and so all the arm weight exercises were a struggle. By Thursday, the pain was more of a dull ache, but it was continuous – it hurt no matter what! Miraculously, this morning all the pain was gone and I was able to complete my whole workout! We’ve done two workouts in the afternoon, and one in the morning and I think I prefer mornings better. It got me up out of bed and actually doing things today (I’ve done my washing! Did my Quiet Time! Studying! Reading!)

So…how are you feeling?

I’m pretty epically stressed at the moment. Exams. Centrelink being a pain. SO MUCH ON AT THE END OF NOVEMBER. While I’m at training, and for a few hours afterwards, I feel pretty great (thank you endorphins!). My sleep is all messed up and crazy still. I am feeling proud of myself for the first time in a while – I always think I’ve accomplished something at the end of training! It’s already becoming something I’m starting to look forward to (which is very, very strange for me). My body can do things. My fat, beautiful body is capable. It’s a good feeling!


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