Healthy Body, Healthy Mind: Part 4

I had my first Personal Training session today!

Now, before you start worry that there are going to 36 mundane, horrible entries about workouts and how much I can lift etc, I can promise you that it won’t be the case. At the end of each week, I’ll be doing a weekly round up, and if something particularly significant happens, I’ll write about that too. On we go…So. First PT session. On Friday I got a call saying that my regular trainer couldn’t make this week – she’s a student too, and has exams. Cue *ANXIETY*, especially because I knew the replacement trainer was a guy (and I really don’t do well with unknown guys). So I rocked up this afternoon full of apprehension – unknown guy male trainer, unknown girl workout partner, GYM FULL OF PEOPLE!

Of course, everything was fine. Aden was a great trainer – full of enthusiasm and pushing me to do my best. Heather, my workout partner is lovely and also very encouraging. We spent 40 mins on weights (arms/legs) and 20mins on cardio (recovery bike! woo!) and I felt I did really, really well. It honestly has to be the most positive exercise experience I’ve ever had. Also, side note: for those wondering, my Panache Sport Ultimate Hi Impact Sports Bra worked brilliantly. Seriously.

How am I feeling?
Today, I feel tired. Happy, maybe a bit less stressed? The past week has been a shitraveganza !!
I have bit of pain in my right shoulder and my coccyx and my left knee. No doubt tomorrow I’ll be feeling it everywhere.

Back to the gym on Wednesday for session 2!


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