Things I Have Learnt This Semester

With exams over, I feel like it’s time to reflect on things I have learnt this semester:

  1. The grammar of the English language is HARD. When studying it, try and keep up to date with readings.
  2. Learning *how* to use play as a learning tool with young children is much less fun than actually playing with young children.
  3. Sociology will always and forever remain my favourite subject area…and statistics are not boring.
  4. Friends are friends. It doesn’t matter if they are ‘real life’ or ‘online’. When things get rough, and they are there for you, they are you friend.
  5. It is important not to put any part of yourself in a box.
  6. You are worthy of being loved for who you are – the good bits, the bad bits, the weird and random bits (see #5).
  7. Important things are rarely easy, and good decisions can be painful
  8. Everything in moderation – especially tumblr.
  9. Exercise can be fun!
  10. Loving yourself is extremely important. So is being honest with yourself. (again, see #5).

Some of these things I think I already knew before this semester started. Other things are entirely new to me.  I have learnt a lot in the past few months and I hope that I’ll be able to carry all this through. I think I’ve grown up a lot in a short space of time – like an emotional growth spurt. I have a good idea of what I want out of life and love. I know some of the things I do that are unhelpful. I am not a hopeless romantic or optimist any more. Real life is tough, and tough choices have to be made sometimes. In the end, though, it’s the pain that helps us to heal, and the sh*t that helps us to grow.


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