Today I had an UGLY CRY (well, several actually). For the uninitiated, an UGLY CRY is when you’re crying to hard that how have tears pouring down your face, snot dribbling out your nose and you can’t breathe properly, so you are forced to take those big gasping breaths. At the end, you generally feel quite good – if not happy, at least glad that things are off your chest.

Nothing really super huge happened to prompt the UGLY CRY session/s. It was just a lot of things.
Because my sister (who I love!) has managed to find the perfect job for next year.
Because she and her husband start the day off by praying together.
Because my chip packet had a best before date of 02/02/13, which was the date I was supposed to be getting married.
Because my mum keeps entering my room every area of my life without my permission or need or want.
Because I was having a ‘fat day’.
Because I have no money.
Because I couldn’t get in contact with Fiancé (he was at work).
Because the bus was late, so I missed my class.
Because exams are in a month.
Because of “all the oestrogen, George. Because of ALL the oestrogen.” (A Grey’s Anatomy quote – but it applies).

I then proceeded to rush off the Chatswood, hoping to find Fiancé after he finished work because what I needed more than anything was a hug from him. Somehow, I caught him just in time before he got on a bus. And he held me a told me that it was fine to cry. That he wished he had more time for me today, but that he will make up for it tomorrow. That he loves me. And so now, even though everything still sucks, I don’t feel the need to keep UGLY CRYING (at least for today.

Lots of my friends seem to having bad days, too. Is it something in the air?
If you’ve had a bad day, what / who helps?
When was the last time you had an UGLY CRY?


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