The Ring Saga

The saga starts back in September last year. Matt & I had been going out for about 7 months (I think) when I spotted my gorgeous engagement ring – and it was on sale for half price! So far, so good.

The ring was too big, so we got it resized. Having no idea about the how rings should fit, I trusted the sales  lady to size it correctly – and here started the first problem. I didn’t really notice over spring/summer, because  fingers swell slightly in the heat and I had *no* idea about how a ring should feel…but it was way too big. In June this year, I held my hand vertical one day and my lovely engagement ring slid straight off my finger. Luckily, I was indoors at the time! So off we went back to the jewellers to get it resized. $50 later to fix what I think was their mistake (le sigh) the ring fitted perfectly -slightly loose, but didn’t slip up my finger at all – I thought that’d be the end of the matter and I wouldn’t have to visit this company again (having bought all our other wedding jewellery at a competitor!)

Then, about a month ago, I noticed a rough edge on my ring. I thought maybe a claw had stuck up a bit. I didn’t realise at that point that the actual setting was starting to break. Then, one day the ring caught on my clothes and I looked closely at it – part of the setting had actually broken off! I was *livid*! Here was my engagement ring, something that I’m supposed to wear for the rest of my life, that had broken only a year after it’s purchase! So, off we went to the store again, managed to get the store manager, and my ring was sent off to head office.

Today, I found out that they were not able to repair my ring. Instead, they have replaced it with a ring in my size that I’ll get when I see Matt on sunday. I’m a little worried – they don’t make my original style any more and I’ve already purchased my wedding band. So I guess we’ll just have to see what I get!

Stay tuned….


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