…and I’m back in the game

Hello there, bloggy readers!

So it would appear that I’m back to blogging. I didn’t last very long away from this very public confessional. Some of the trolls on my old blog would tell me it’s because I’m an attention whore, because I need everything to revolve around me. It’s probably at least partly true. But the main reason I’ve started this up again is that I’ve got a story to tell. It may not be the most interesting, the funniest or the most shocking, but it is mine and I want to tell it! And I’m assuming that if you are reading this, then you want to hear my story.

I don’t know exactly what I’ll put here. Maybe I’ll share my “Domestic Goddess in Training” moments. Maybe I’ll post about therapy. Maybe I’ll start taking photos again.

I will be “confessing” things. I will be putting forth my opinions to the world (as significant or insignificant as they may be). I will be telling my story as it unfolds.

Look forward to having you with me,

Sonja 🙂


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